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Enchanted Beach with Three Fluid Graces

Salvador Dalí
Date Made
Oil on canvas
Image: 25 5/8 in x 32 in
Accession ID Number
Credit Line
Collection of The Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, FL (USA); Gift of A. Reynolds & Eleanor Morse 2000.7
In the USA ©Salvador Dalí Museum, Inc. St. Petersburg, FL 2023 / Worldwide rights ©Salvador Dalí. Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí (Artists Rights Society), 2023; Photo © David Deranian, 2021

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"Enchanted Beach" offers an example of Dalí's imaginative interpretation of the classical theme of the Three Graces. In art, the symbols of ideal beauty and the handmaidens of Venus. The figure on the right is developed from a detail from an equestrian study by Leonardo da Vinci; Dalí creates a face formed by a distant landscape that is visible through a hole in the rock. The visage of the middle female's face is formed by the horse and figures. The bowed head of the third figure on the left is formed by one of the black rocks in the landscape. The features of a skull can also be found in this area, with the two boulders forming black eye sockets and the gripping fingers forming the skull’s teeth. This painting illustrates the increasing influence of Renaissance and Baroque painters on Dalí. The interplay of perspective and the balance of the elements show an evolving control over his paranoiac-critical illusions.

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